20 Facts of Me

Assalamualaikum and hi! It is because to write my 20 Facts of me on Instagram it's too mainstream, so I've decided to write it here. Feel free to read.

1. Given name, Nur Ilyani Abd Munir, Yani, Ily, Il, I Love You (wahaha), but for the close one, they called Kak Yong/Ayong because she's the eldest one.

2. Love cats a lot! Got almost 10 cats but most of them already passed away (plus lost).

3. Quite sensitive and she can cry easily in front of others (sometimes for nothing). 

4. Mama's daughter. Keep calling her mom and ended the conversation by saying "muah, muah, muah" *sounds kissing * and it is compulsory!

5. She likes Durian, Chocolates, Ice cream and Crabs crazily! She can spend hours to finish it.

6. Like to travel alone. 

7. She likes to sweep. *Ask her housemate, roommate and classmate*

8. Getting sleepy easily. Most of the time, even she can sleep even in the toilet. *mom admitted*

9. She loves to talk alone. Mom and roommate admitted!

10. Love to cook Western Food like Spaghetti and sorts of that.

11. Her bestfriends can be a person that she just knew from Facebook and already have it till now. Alhamdulillah!

12. Music cannot be separated from her life. She kept her earphone most of the time even when she taught her students in the class. *Serious*

13. Love to sing at everywhere, anytime especially the music of Arashi, 5SOS, Linkin Park *do you believe it?* Of course her voice was really good *eh??*

14. Whenever she close to someone, she can share the most top secret to that person.

15. An unauthorised stalker. But the best one. *LOL*

16. Love to learn multiple languages. Now she knew Arabic, Japanese and Deustch. But not a fluent one. Need to sharpen this skill.

17. Last minute person but can finish it on the time. *especially for the assignments, please refer to no. 8*

18. Got Chikungunya and the attendence was so bad! Not going to school and left the studies almost a month on the SPM year. Even her leg still have a cracking sounds.

19. Hates person whom touched her lappy screen and left the thumbprints on the screen. So that she keeps to wipe her screens (including her phone) most of the time.

20. Never thought that she gonna be a teacher. But wanna be a lecturer and it's unfulfilled.

So, that's all from me. Feel free to write yours.

Bye. Maasalamah.

*Percayakah anda bahawa saya menulis tika assignment masih dalam awangan dan nak hantar esok?*

When I was 2 years old. With my beloved mama & abah :)
ss says: Masa kritikal nak hantar assignment la kau buat 20 Facts of Me. Pedaa,Ilyani!

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